DEMON SEED RADIO – What is it?

Demon Seed Radio is a concept that has been kicking around for quite sometime as a sort of a pipe dream for lack of a better term. The name is a derivative of our production studio’s name Demon Seed Productions (formerly Demon Seed Pictures). When we began producing Adult films and clips in the Spring of 2007 internet radio was about as popular as HAM radio and filled with about as many shows about weird conspiracies. The term podcast was barely spoken, so for us to launch an uncensored Adult radio program would mean that we would have to sign a deal with Sirius or XM (at the time they were separate) and that was just a lofty goal at best.

In 2012 Whitney Morgan and Sydney Screams started a radio show called Taboo Fetish Talk, that show grew into a full fledged internet radio station. In January of 2014 Whitney approached our host Bobby Genital about doing a show on the network… a show that would focus on the more “mainstream” aspect of the adult film industry vs the overall Fetish Themed programing of the network. After months of planning Demon Seed Radio launched on March 10th 2014.

In June of 2014 the show had grown exponentially each week and were approached by the crew over at XXX Porn Star Radio. We were excited to become a member of the team and expand our audience base by syndicating the program Monday Nights at 9:15pm EST (which was a perfect slot because it was right after our live program on Blog Talk Radio).

Shortly after that we added the Mixx.FM to our syndication family playing episodes every Thursday at 11pm.

In December of 2014 we decided to take a huge leap forward and take our live shows not only from Monday Nights to our new Friday Night slot but we also decided to leave Blog Talk Radio and go LIVE on XXX Porn Star Radio 7-9pm EST.

After the holidays ended we began broadcasting LIVE at our new home and added two new Syndication Affiliates to the fold. Monday Nights at 11pm as part of their Wildfire After Dark programming we air on WILDFIRE RADIO and coming soon to Tony Batman’s (@TonyBatman) A! Adult Entertainment Network on the Planet Platypus Network

… This is our story…. and This is our team.

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