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Crazy Fetish Spotlight with Whitney

Apparently Vaginas Are More Than Just for Sex

A woman traveling from Jamaica arrested at JFK Airport after trying to smuggle a half-pound of cocaine in her vagina. Yes, you read right! She must have been practicing with big dicks, dildos or just an f-ing football! Get the whole story at UK's The Daily Mail:
Check This Shit Out

Latex Fetish – Taboo Fetish Talk #1

Each week we let World Renowned Fetish Model and our Co-Host Ms. Whitney Morgan enlighten the crew on various Fetishes. What they are, how they work and most importantly why they exist. Think of it as Kink 101 for those of us who don't know half this shit exists! Do you have a fetish that you would like Whitney to discuss? Hit us up on Twitter @Demonseed69 or @MsWhitneyMorgan

Mouth Fetish – Taboo Fetish Talk #2

Ms Whitney Morgan continues to educate the "vanilla" masses on all things kinky! This week we focus on the Mouth Fetish. The science and psychology behind it, weird tongue tricks,etc. Do you have a fetish that you want us to showcase? Send @TabooFetishTalk a tweet and you might just get lucky.

Balloon “Looner” Fetish – Taboo Fetish Talk #4

This week we are joined by newbie model Lil Red who confided in us... and a few million listeners, that she was afraid of balloons! What a perfect way to kick off this weeks Taboo Fetish Talk with Ms. Whitney Morgan! Whitney goes into detail about the attraction and psychology behind the Balloon Fetish, licking the balloon, rubbing the balloons and ultimately ... making them go POP! We also get to see rare archive footage of our host Bobby Genital in the often mentioned EASTER BUNNY SUIT!