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Apparently Vaginas Are More Than Just for Sex

A woman traveling from Jamaica arrested at JFK Airport after trying to smuggle a half-pound of cocaine in her vagina. Yes, you read right! She must have been practicing with big dicks, dildos or just an f-ing football! Get the whole story at UK's The Daily Mail:
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Why You Shouldn’t Have Sex at Work

Besides getting potentially fired, here's another reason NOT to have sex at work--the humiliating email you and co-workers could receive about not having sex in the stairways. A start-up company is trying to get their employees to stop having drunken sex in the stairwells. We're thinking they just might want to install cameras and threaten…
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Sperm Thieves Are on the Loose

Kidnapping and raping a hitchhiker for his jizz? Yep it happened in England. Cops are on the lookout for a trio of women who picked up a hitchhiker and forced him to have sex so they could harvest his sperm. Get the whole story at UK's Daily Star:
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